Lowered Mazda Lantis – An Odd-Ball Japanese Sports Hatchback from the 90s

Red Mazda 323F with custom wheels
Mazda 323F tuning
Red Mazda 323F with custom wheels
Mazda 323F interior with sport steering wheel
Modified Mazda 323F with lowered suspension +1
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Mazda 323F tuning

The Mazda 323F BA or Lantis, is a car that often goes unnoticed in the automotive world. However, this 90s model has got a lot of cool styling features that make it an interesting find for the fans of Japanese sports cars who don’t want to stick with the mainstream models.

The 323F was sold as the Lantis in Japan, Astina in Australia and New Zealand, Allegro in Colombia and 323F across Europe. It features a five-door hatchback bodystyle with awesome-looking pillarless-doors that sets it apart from other Mazda 323s.

Mazda 323F tuning
Back in the 90s it was marketed as a 5-door sports coupe, long before the Mercedes CLS and Audi A7.

Mazda 323F interior with sport steering wheel

But, the real deal-breaker is the rare and elusive Type-R variant of the Lantis that was sold in Japan only. It featured a 170HP 2.0L KF-ZE V6 engine mated with a Limited Slip Differential that gave it an edge over other 323s. Visually, its “5-door coupe” exterior was spruced up with optional extras like a front lip spoiler, side skirts, floating rear spoiler and coloured front indicators.


The Mazda 323F was truly a hidden gem in the automotive world. With its eye-catching exterior and iconic five-door hatchback design, it could have become an icon of 90s motorsport culture, but unfortunately it remained an odd-ball on the scene of Japanese sport cars. This model will be perfect for those who don’t want to go with the flow and drive something more unique and authentic.

Modified Mazda 323F with lowered suspension

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