Slammed Subaru Legacy B4/BE With a Huge Camber & Air Suspension

Slammed Subaru Legacy B4 GT white with custom bumper
Slammed Subaru Legacy BE on air suspension
Bippu Subaru Legacy BE with custom body kit
Biggest rims on a Subaru Legacy BE
Custom push rod air suspension in the trunk +3
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Slammed Subaru Legacy BE on air suspension

If you’re a car enthusiast, then you know that a good stance project can really make a car stand out. Today, we’re featuring an insane stance project based on a third-generation Subaru Legacy B4. This car was produced between 1999 and 2004, and it has been completely modified with a custom push-rod air suspension setup, huge Work rims, and a massive camber. Keep reading to learn more about this incredible project!

Slammed Subaru Legacy B4 with cambered wheels

The first thing you notice in the car are the huge Work rims sized 19×10 up front and 19×11 on the back, and a massive camber. Obviously, such wheels and fitment would require tremendous modifications in the suspension and bodywork.

“As a result, the car features an insane push-rod custom air suspension setup with a reinforcement tubular cage that takes up the entire trunk and rear seat space”.

The new completely reimagined suspension geometry with horizontally mounted bags reminds us of mini trucks and rear long-travel suspension setups in race trucks.

custom push rod suspension

Subaru Legacy B4 on 20" rims with camber and custom fender flares

cambered Subaru Legacy B4 with shaved body kit

To fit the giant cambered rims in the wheel wells the owner decided to completely redo the bodywork. The fenders were cut and enhanced with weld-in metal flares to perfectly flush with the rim. All the body parts around the car including the front and rear bumpers, as well as the doors, were shaved and smoothened to match the new cambered styling of the car.

Slammed Subaru Legacy GT white with B4 front bumper

Subaru JDM camber build

Specs: Subaru Legacy B4


  • Custom air suspension setup with Airlift 3p management


  • Work 19×10 front, 19×11 rear


  • Pinso 225/35R19 front, 235/35R19 rear


  • 10mm front, 11mm rear

Slammed Subaru Legacy B4 on custom air suspension

bagged Subaru Legacy BE/BH GT

This Subaru Legacy B4 stance project is truly one of a kind. From the custom air suspension setup to the gigantic cambered rims, this car is sure to turn heads wherever it goes.

Watch the progress and find out more about this Subaru Legacy project by visiting the Instagram profile of the owner: @minority_kazu!

Photography 📸: @reo86aggt, owner and other.

White Subaru Legacy B4 with custom air suspension

Mods Advice

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